We conducted another step in the research project SPATIAL3D. Terrestrial laser scanning technology was applied in the first week of March 2014 to acquire a highly detailed 3-D representation of the Domica Cave in Slovakia registered as a UNESCO heritage site. The resulting point cloud contains over 10 billions of points separated by just 1-15 millimeters allowing for a deatiled analysis of the surface of the cave interrior. We are going to use the rich data set to design new methods for 3-D data processing in GIS and geomorphological research of the cave and its above-surface. Processing such a vast amount of data in GIS is the challenge this project aims to tackle. The scanning was conducted by our colleague John Meneely of the Queen's University Belfast, UK who has a rich experience in cave laser scanning and 3-D mapping. We are also gratefull to the officials of the Slovak Caves Administration who granted permission to undertake this research in the cave. The  following pictures show the spatial extent of the 330 scans joined together and also the realisation of the mission.