Responsible person : Assoc. prof. Ján KAŇUK 
Technological equipment
  • Robotic total station TOPCON GT with GNSS reciever TOPCON HiPer SR
  • 2 pcs GNSS system TOPCON HiPer HR with UHF radio modem, signal receiving from satellites GPS - GLONASS - GALILEO - BEIDOU - QZSS - SBAS - L-Band
  • Digital level instrument TOPCON SOKKIA DL-501 with 2 Invar laths.
  • Tangible Landscape - the toolset comprises a desktop PC with OS LINUX Ubuntu and GRASS GIS installation, xBox One Kinect, data projector, a desk with a kinetic sand playground for modelling real landscape and its changes in real time with geospatil analytical tools.
  • GNSS system EPP Set – Hiper ll: Digital UHF 410-440 MHz with GSM/GPRS  TOPCON
  • GPS Trimble Juno SB with GPS Pathfinder Office, Terra Sync;
  • distnace meters - Leica Disto D3, Leica Disto D510;
  • plotter HP, 3D printer Prusa i3
  • VR set Oculus RIFT
  • VR set HTC Vive
  • 11 licences of RiScan Pro Processing with Camera Module, Multi-Station Adjustment Module for processing terrestrial lidar data
  • 3 licences of Agisoft Metashape 1.6.2 Professional Edition
  • 1 licence of the Scene by FARO for processing terrestrial lidar data
  • 1 licence of ArcGIS for Server Enterprise Advanced 10.x  by ESRI with Data Interoperability, Image, Spatial Analyst, 3D Analyst, Network Analyst,  Geostatistical Analyst;
  • 31 licences of ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced Concurrent Use10.x  by ESRI (plus Data Interoperability, Spatial Analyst, 3D Analyst, Network Analyst a Geostatistical Analyst);
  • 3 licences of LAStools for airbone lidar point clouds processing
  • installations of open-source tools : GRASS GIS; R; MapServer; MeshLab; CloudCompare; Blender

Geospatial data

  • various vector and raster datasets of the Slovak Republic
  • historic military maps 1:25 000
  • custom data from airborne and terrestrial lidar missions
  • cadastral data
  • satellite multispectral imagery
  Selected publications
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