Our research has three main directions: Physical Geography, Human and Regional Geography, and Geographic Information Science (GIS).

Physical Geography research has the longest tradition at the Institute. It has been focused on geomorphological and hydrogeographic research specializing on karst and aeolian landscape. The research was undertaken by Assoc. Prof. Zdenko Hochmuth, Prof. Ján Košťálik, and Dr. Dušan Barabas. Results of the related research projects were published in various linds of publications. In order to support this research, Physical Geography Research Group has been established within the structure of the Institute.

The long term orientation of the Human Geography and Regional Geography Research Group is on urban and rural landscape structures and population dynamics. This research is guided by Prof. Peter Spišiak.
The GIS Research Group focuses on acquisition and processing of geospatial data by laser scanning, optimizing generation of digital terrain models, geomorphometric analysis, and development of tools for 3D GIS.