Research focus

  • provenance analysis focused on the heavy mineral assemblage study – Flysch Belt of the Western Carpathians, karst areas

  • topographic mineralogy
  • petrology of igneous rocks
Finished projects
Period Project ID and title Position
2017-19 VEGA 1/0963/17: Landscape dynamics in high resolution co-researcher
2006-08 VEGA 1/3062/06: Regionalization and geodata base of karst regions in Slovakia co-researcher

VEGA 1/4031/07: Microstructure and changes of chemism in the zones of the Gemerikum and Veporikum of Čierna Hora Mountains

deputy of principal investigator

VVGS PF 10/2007/G: Morphological study of zircones in granite rocks of Branisko and Čierna hora Mountains

principal investigator
2008-11 03 06: Geologická mapa regiónu Nízke Beskydy – západná časť v mierke 1 : 50 000 co-researcher
2009-11 VEGA 1/0161/09: Morfológia a genéza predkvantérnych jaskynných systémov v Západných Karpatoch co-researcher